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This community is a hub for fans of hieronymousb's Ed/Envy fanfic, Waste Land.

A Few Brief Rules:

- No bashing: not on the fic or its author, not on Ed/Envy, not on other members. Start a flame war or wankfest and you'll quickly find yourself banned.

- Obviously, this community deals with slash/yaoi/boysecks. If you don't like, get out.

- Since this community is about a mature story, please don't come in here and broadcast to fellow members that you are underage. If this is brought to my attention, you will be banned.

- If you are posting images, fan-fanfiction, or anything of large content, please use the lj-cut function and use appropriate labels.

- Introductory posts are permitted, so long as you include discussion of Waste Land (ie. how you came upon it, what you think of it, et cetera).

- Have fun!

Admin contact info--
email: kate.douglass[at]gmail.com
AIM: LugensFata