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Title: Dumplings
Artist: Marysia
Pairing: Ed/Envy
Notes: A pencil sketch based on events in chapter 19 of
hieronymousb's Waste Land. Colored in photoshop. :) I know Ed's head is too big, and I had intended to outline this digitally using the tablet my former manager lent me, but alas, that was simply not going to happen. Regardless, I'm very happy with how this turned out.

( Say Ah! )

"Open up," said a voice.

And then Envy realized Ed had moved and was in front of him, and he started to say
what the fuck are you talking about, because what the fuck did that mean, "open up"--?

And then he found the pillow pulled aside and felt something metal nudge against his grimacing lips, and he remembered: oh, that's right.
Open up. Human expression. He'd asked for food, hadn't he? But he hadn't thought the kid would actually--

"I thought you'd eaten it all," Envy said, trying to grit his teeth and push the words through them.

The effort proved unsuccessful and something fat and round and
slick and powdery plopped into his mouth, carried by the "something metal" which quickly deposited its load and departed before Envy could so much as swat it away.

"No," Ed replied, and Envy heard a budding snicker in the word. "I didn't."

~ Waste Land

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