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Title: Dumplings
Artist: Marysia
Pairing: Ed/Envy
Notes: A pencil sketch based on events in chapter 19 of
hieronymousb's Waste Land. Colored in photoshop. :) I know Ed's head is too big, and I had intended to outline this digitally using the tablet my former manager lent me, but alas, that was simply not going to happen. Regardless, I'm very happy with how this turned out.

( Say Ah! )

"Open up," said a voice.

And then Envy realized Ed had moved and was in front of him, and he started to say
what the fuck are you talking about, because what the fuck did that mean, "open up"--?

And then he found the pillow pulled aside and felt something metal nudge against his grimacing lips, and he remembered: oh, that's right.
Open up. Human expression. He'd asked for food, hadn't he? But he hadn't thought the kid would actually--

"I thought you'd eaten it all," Envy said, trying to grit his teeth and push the words through them.

The effort proved unsuccessful and something fat and round and
slick and powdery plopped into his mouth, carried by the "something metal" which quickly deposited its load and departed before Envy could so much as swat it away.

"No," Ed replied, and Envy heard a budding snicker in the word. "I didn't."

~ Waste Land
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Strange New World Art Contest - Final Vote Tally

An explanation of how votes were counted: votes for "first favorite" were assigned two points, those for "second favorite" assigned one point each. A panel of four voted privately, with consideration to the theme and emphasis on scenery, in correlation with the contest prompt.

The final tally:

Entry 1, "Strange New Sex" by parallax_view - 2
Entry 2, "Not OK" by onee_chibi - 4
Entry 3, "Devil's Advocate" by _edward_elric_ - 0
Entry 4, "Heroes" by ari_on_the_road - 14
Entry 5, "Surreality" by isa_alorah - 12
Entry 6, "WL Doodle" by tdei - 4

Congratulations to ari_on_the_road for scoring first place and to isa_alorah for scoring second place! :)

ari_on_the_road, please check your email for your $30 Amazon.com gift certificate.

isa_alorah, since there have been issues with LiveJournal regarding advertisements and other related problems, you may choose either a $25 LJ gift certificate or one for Amazon.com as your prize. Please respond either to this entry or directly to me via email with your choice.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this contest!
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Strange New World - Art Contest Voting

The contest entries can be viewed here. Please use common sense and do not vote for the same entry twice. This is the public portion of the poll, and will end in a few days.

Poll #855542 Strange New World - Art Contest Voting

Please vote for your first favorite submission:

Entry 1 - "Strange New Sex"
Entry 2 - "Not OK"
Entry 3 - "Devil's Advocate"
Entry 4 - "Heroes"
Entry 5 - "Surreality"
Entry 6 - "WL Doodle"

Please vote for your second favorite submission:

Entry 1 - "Strange New Sex"
Entry 2 - "Not OK"
Entry 3 - "Devil's Advocate"
Entry 4 - "Heroes"
Entry 5 - "Surreality"
Entry 6 - "WL Doodle"

ETA: I noticed a vote from a journal that was created today. It's all good and fine to finally get around to making a journal in order to follow certain journals and communities, but it is not okay to create a journal just to vote in a contest poll. If I am given any reason to suspect sockpuppetry, the vote in question will be nullified.
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Contest Reminder

Don't forget, the fanart contest ends Saturday at midnight (EST)!

We've only received two entries so far; I was hoping for at least four before the deadline. If anyone has submitted an entry and did not receive a response from me, then I did not get your email. Please resubmit your entry if you think this happened!

Even if you are unsure of your drawing abilities, there's no need feel intimidated! This is a friendly contest, we aren't here to flame anyone's art. So please, at least give it a shot.
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First Community Contest!

Since this community is new, what better way is there to liven it up than to start off with a contest? :P

FMA_WL FanArt Contest #1

Theme - "strange new world"

Choose a scene from Waste Land and draw it. (The medium can be whatever you wish: pencil, ink, digital, etc.) There should be a distinct focus on scenery, so the better you incorporate that into your drawing, the better your chances of winning are! Try to choose a scene that you think the contest theme can be best expressed through visual representation.


First Place: $30 Amazon.com gift certificate
Second Place: $25 LiveJournal gift certificate

Submission Guidelines:

(A) In order to qualify, the fanart must be your own, newly-created work. Fanart created and posted prior to the contest cannot be submitted.

(B) If you are doing a collaboration (ie. one person doing linework, another person coloring), both artists must submit the work, with note as to who did which part.

(C) Submit the artwork in GIF, JPG, or PNG format as an email attachment to my email address, kate.douglass[at]gmail.com, no later than 11:59 PM EST on October 7, 2006. The content of the email must contain the following:

1. Your username
2. Your email address
3. The title of the artwork
4. The medium used
5. The rating, and any warnings

All submissions will be hosted on my LJ photo album so that the identities of the artists will be kept anonymous until after the contest has ended.

Members of the community will be encouraged to vote and comment on the submitted pieces, but the final vote will be decided by a selected panel of judges, since this is still a small community and this is the only way to ensure an unbiased vote.

Note: Psst, since the final day of this contest is hieronymousb's birthday, submissions containing pr0n will make her happy!

EDIT @ 3AM, 10/6:

There have only been two submissions so far. Come on everyone, submit something! It's no fun without more competition. :P I'm extending the deadline to 11:59 PM EST, OCTOBER 28th. Good luck, and don't forget about the new deadline!
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Lurkers :D

I notice a lot of people friended/joined this community who I've never seen around before. Come out and say hi! Really. I don't bite. orochiko told me some people are shy or feel weird/intimidated about talking to me, but I like meeting new people. She, for instance, popped out and said hello to me, and we chat all the time now.

As to the community itself, it may be a bit dead-ish for a while, but I think Kate is going to make a contest soon to stir up livelihood. She has promised some very nice prizes (LJ gift certificates/Amazon gift certificates) for the winners; this is honour of my birthday, which is coming up next month. I want to do my part to encourage the spread of Envy-themed or Ed/Envy-themed fanfiction/fanart, as both are sorely lacking around LiveJournal.

EDIT: But I'm keeping my involvement with this comm peripheral, as I have a lot of fic projects to be tackling right now. So if you want to pester someone about getting contests in gear, pester perivates. :D
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Rambling. Or something.

Sup? Uh, I figure that being the author of this fic, it would be cordial of me to post, yeah?

At first I wasn't sure what I myself could possibly use this community for, but then I remembered that at the end of the last (LONG, LONG-ARSE, AGHHHHDOOM) chapter, I had intended to make a sort of "FAQ" segment in which I answered hypothetical questions that people might have at this (early, still very early, folks) point in the fic. However, I scrapped this idea because I would've had to pull the questions from my ass, and even though I came up with some that I felt were pretty good and pretty telling, the whole matter ended up being far too long to be useful as an "author's note".

But now that I have my own personal rambling ground (courtesy of Kate's infinite kindness), I figure: why not let the questions/answers begin? I love questions. So ask away. [But I reserve the right to reply with "No, that's too spoilery!" if questions do indeed become so.]

Actually, go ahead and ask questions about the later chapters if you want. There are probably a lot of things that I will answer. Just not specifics, and definitely not the ending.
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Greetings from your friendly maintainer!

Hello, and welcome to the community! :D Please read over the rules listed in the userinfo before posting.

To kick things off here, I'll go ahead and post my fanworks thusfar that have been inspired by hieronymousb's writing.


( a scene from chapter five )

( Ed looking at his rather unhealthy arm or lack thereof )

( not specifically based on WL, but still Envyness for the wonderful author )

Fan Soundrack:

( Addicted To You: Ed/Envy FST )
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